The National Museum of Language wishes to thank the following benefactors, area merchants, and the Board of Directors for their continued support.

Berlitz International

Center for Applied Linguistics

Diplomatic Language Services

Howard University Department of World Languages and Cultures

Mango Languages

Pearson: Always Learning

Second Language Testing, Inc

Stemmy, Tidler, & Morris, PA 

Transparent Language


Marion E.Hines
Gary McCone
Earl Rickerson
Jason Teshuba – Mango Languages
Alan Turnbull

Sustaining Members

Chris Bellas – Diplomatic Language Services
Donna M.Christian – Center for Applied Linguistics
Maryland Foreign Language Association
SIL International
Florence G. Kuipers
LaDonna Mann
Jody K. Olsen
Charles Stansfield – Second Language Testing, Inc.
Marty Abbott –¬†American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Supporting Members

Sandra Allen
Pat Barr-Harrison
Barbara P. Bennett
Charles Castle
Janet Chernela
Thomas F. Coffey
Kali Collins
James J. Davis
William De Lorenzo
Donald Domogauer
Joan Hall
Stephen Huffman
Jack D. Jones
Debra E. Kieft
Aloysius J. Koller, Jr.
Gerald E. Lampe
Gregory Nedved
Glenn Nordin
Anna L. Owens
Frances Reed
Jill Robbins
Charles Sarahan
Kenneth D. Simonson
Matthew Simonson
Jean H. Swank
LaDonna Mann