A blog post about the National Museum of Language apppeared 2/9/2012

The Washington Post featured the National Museum of Language in its October 3, 2008 Weekend Edition: Take Our Word for it – It’s worth a look

Tourism Review included an article in its September, 2008 issue on our opening: Opening of the National Museum of Language

See the articles on our opening in the NCLRC Language Resource Newsletter.

JAARS issued a press release about our opening on May 2, 2008. We were briefly mentioned in the Style section of theWashington Post.

The Gazette Newspaper of College Park published an article on May 1, 2008 about the museum opening.

An article about Dora Kennedy, one of the founders of the museum, appeared on Thursday February 12, 2009.

An article on a forum sponsored by NML on Endangered Languages appeared in the SIL Newsletter.

The December 2009 edition of English Today featured an article by David Crystal on museums of language: English124