• Around the Language World

    NMLSummerFlier_8-11A tuition-free language program for children entering grades 4 or 5 in Fall 2013. July 15-19, 2013 12-4 pm. (12:00 – 12:30 Guided computer/reading time; 12:30 – 4:00 Interactive activities). Registration is $15.

    Special Features: A different language and culture each day: Chinese (mainland China), French (France, Senegal), Spanish (Spain, Mexico), & Arabic (Egypt). Children will experience storytelling with discussion about the culture, songs, dance, games, hands-on activities, samples of an authentic food from the culture, and more. Directed by professional educators. Registration is required and may be for one to five days; the Museum is small and space is limited. Preference will be given to children who have not attended previously. Deadline for registration is July 12.

    Register online.

    Payment of a registration fee of $15 is requested; the camp itself is free.  Any questions, call the Museum at: 301-864-7071 or email us: info [at] languagemuseum.org

    The National Museum of Language is located at:7100 Baltimore Ave, Suite 202, College Park, MD

    Map and directions to NML