• American Indian Festival

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    AIF 2013 flier The Natural and Historical Resources Division of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission cordially invites you to join us in a celebration of American Indian culture and heritage. 5th Annual Saturday, October 19, 2013, 10 am – 4 pm Patuxent River Park 16000 Croom Airport Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 (Group […]

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  • Membership Renewal

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  • Significant Operational Changes for the National Museum of Language

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    Letter from the President: Dear Associates, Members, and Friends of The National Museum of Language: The Board of Trustees is making some significant changes to our operations which will better promote our defined mission: To promote understanding of, and appreciation for, the beauty and magic of language — in history, contemporary affairs, and the future. […]

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  • 1812 Exhibit Overview

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    Click to view a larger version.

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  • Noah Webster’s Life

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    Click image to view a narrated timeline of important events in the life of Noah Webster.

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  • Chinese

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      Watch the presentation on writing Chinese, Did you know? Then test your knowledge with the You Xi Quiz Watch the video about doing Chinese calligraphy and then try some yourself.

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  • Cherokee

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    The Cherokee Syllabary: Presentation by Carrie Clarady Cherokee Handout Page 1 Cherokee Handout Page 2

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  • Glimpses of French in the Americas

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    There are over 2 million “francophones” in the United States, that is, those who speak French at home or otherwise strongly identify with the language and culture. It is the first or second language of about 10 million people in the Americas, even excluding those who speak French-based creole languages. The National Museum of Language […]

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  • Writing Language: Passing it on

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    The first exhibit opened by the National Museum of Language, Writing Language: Passing it on compares alphabetic writing systems and pictographic writing systems. The languages included in this exhibit include: Sumerian Phoenician Ge’ez Greek Latin Hebrew Arabic Chinese (Calligraphy Video) Japanese [SlideDeck2 id=1303] Presentations relevant to Writing Language: Passing it On in the Marian M. Jenkins Speaker Series […]

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  • American and Commercial Daily Advertiser – Page 6

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    See explanations below this image about  the green-shaded ads  for more information about the words used and hear the ad being read aloud.   John Campbell White Column 1, ad 3: words: fire work caption: Today we call them fireworks, not fire work, but they were the way to celebrate the 4th of July even […]

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