• Language Autobiography Course

    NML members at the Supporting level or above can take part in a four week course culminating in writing one’s language autobiography. Because different aspects of language are so prevalent in all our lives, it can be fun, rewarding, and personally meaningful to reflect on the story of language in our lives and to write about it.

    Michael Erard, author and linguist who has written extensively about language in people’s lives, will teach a course on writing your language autobiography. You will be able to pick any aspect of your language life and develop it into a narrative. Some people write about their family’s history with languages. Others write about their experiences with literacy. Some write about experiences with stuttering, dyslexia, or speech and language impairments. Some write about their individual experiences learning foreign languages.

    The objective of the course is to produce a 1500-2000 word (about 5 to 10 pages), well-edited draft of a narrative that is suitable for passing down to one’s children/heirs or circulating within a family.

    Michael will provide guidance related to shaping the material into a narrative as well as inspirational questions. The environment will be warm and supportive. The class will be held virtually online and written materials shared digitally, so access to a reliable computer and a speedy Internet connection are requirements.

    The course will include:

    • Four one-hour classes, held online
    • Discussion of example language autobiographies
    • Workshopping of one’s writing
    • Expert review by the instructor

    Limit: 15 attendees per course.

    Complete the form below to register for the class.