Transparent Language

BlockLogoNML Member Benefit: Transparent Language

The National Museum of Language is happy to announce that, thanks to the generosity of the Transparent Language company, NML members can now use the language learning resources of Transparent Language Online for one year with the same access as customers who pay $29.95 a month.

Research-based and experience-driven, Transparent Language Online is a language-learning program that provides an effective, fun, and engaging experience for language learners of all levels. Featuring the new Essentials courses, a fully guided learning experience that is sure to get every learner off on the right foot, Transparent Language Online is packed full of pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing, and vocabulary building lessons. These top-of-the-line courses, combined with lots of great, supplemental learning resources, make Transparent Language Online the ultimate language-learning system, providing learners with a complete, language-learning solution. And with 80+ languages to choose from, there is something for every learner.

How it works

If you are a member, email us to request an initiation code to begin your Transparent Language Online account. Once you are given the code, copy it to your computer’s clipboard. Go to this link, and create a user account click on the blue “Register with an Activation Code” button. Paste in the code, and click the “Register” button.

If you aren’t a member yet, join by going to this page, and we’ll send you the log-in information.