• Teacher’s Corner: Kahoot During Distance Learning

         I have entered my 3rd week of remote and distance learning, and in many ways, while it has been frustrating, I miss my students, and it is not an ideal teaching platform, in many ways I have been grateful for the opportunities it has afforded. I am naturally an antsy person, and feel the need to always have a creative outlet, probably one of the reasons I became a teacher in the first place. Since I have less time in direct contact with my students, I have been thinking of new activities and creative ways to keep a semblance of classroom community. I am currently working on an interactive PowerPoint board game which will be shared soon on this page, and this week I will be showing you how to still do a Kahoot with your class.

         Many of you may already be familiar with Kahoot; if not, here is a brief overview. Kahoot is a digital platform that allows teachers to create multiple-choice games with their students. I have used it for vocabulary, reading comprehension in stories, and a variety of other type of games; it was particularly useful when I was also in charge of our It’s Academic team. Teachers control the questions, images, and length of time of the game, and this type of visual support and ability to be open with types of questions makes it a perfect platform for a language teacher.

         The best part is, it’s still completely possible to play Kahoot with your students even with distance learning! Many school districts now have an enterprise account with a platform, such as Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. If your students also have access, you can simply share your screen with students and they can see the game being played! I have tried this myself and it works wonderfully. In order to monitor the chat and student engagement I also logged in from my phone so while they were seeing my computer screen I was able to see the chat and video screens.

         What is something that you have done during remote learning to help you maintain contact with your students? If you’re willing to share, get in touch!

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