• Teacher’s Corner Remote Learning Edition: Digital Escape Rooms

         One of the most challenging aspects of remote learning that I have come across is how to be engaging in a digital setting. Being stuck behind a webcam is a completely different feeling from being able to move around, have manipulatives, or sit down with students. But while it feels like a daunting task, it is not completely impossible!

         Last week, I had a lot of success creating my own digital escape room. If you don’t know what an escape room is, it is basically a story with an objective that requires the player or players to solve puzzles and find clues in order to win the game. The objective is typically having to unlock a door, hence the name escape room, by finding clues, unlocking other locks, and solving puzzles along the way, all within a set time limit.

         This format lends itself extremely well to the digital format. You can use this as a fun way to present more conventional activities if you are not comfortable making your own puzzles; for example, the 3rd answer of each activity is the clue needed to win the game. You can also use a variety of websites to create crosswords, clickable pictures, word scrambles, and more.

         Here is an example of the one I created, the objective of the game is a thief has stolen the school’s mascot, and the students need to solve puzzles and deduct clues to learn more about the Hispanic influence in Baltimore to figure out where the Knight has been taken to.


         For this escape room, I used Google Sites so I could create my own narrative and flow, but Thinglink and other sites that allow for clickable graphics are great ideas for making your own room.


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