• Teacher’s Corner Remote Learning Edition Volume 1

         Teacher’s Corner is back! With the whirlwind changes that we teachers have been seeing in the past few weeks with distance or remote learning, I want to provide a brief tip each Friday that you can think about over the weekend to use in your “classroom” (or kitchen, or office) on Monday morning.

         This week’s article is all about interactive images! Many of us know about infographics, but have you considered using one as a springboard for even more information? With online platforms such as Thinglink, genial.ly, and more, you can turn a still image into an interactive database, linking students to articles, websites, music, and more. 

         With these interactive images, you simply have to choose an appropriate image (or create a collage) and decide how you want to add to them. Do you want a map of the world where students listen to a different song in French from several countries and compare them? Do you want to take a piece of art and highlight different aspects of it? Adding a bit of interactivity to these images will keep students engaged and also give students access to large amounts of content at once.

         Here is one example I found for a highlight of women in Spanish. This gives students several options of where to start and what information they want to find, without overwhelming them all at once.



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