A Linguist Wish List: 5 Gifts for the Upcoming Holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the US on Thursday, many use this as an opportunity to begin their shopping for their respective holidays. But what do you get a linguist or someone interested in other languages?

While you could go ahead and get them the typical bookstore gift card, a single use cooking gadget, or another gift that will only be used a few times or is about as impersonal as can be, why not consider getting them something that’s relevant to their interests? Maybe they would like to learn a new language, or have a good book to curl up with during a snow day? Here are 5 gifts, with links to purchase included, that any language enthusiast will appreciate.

Note: None of these items are paid promotions, and any connection to the Museum, should it exist, will be noted.

For the games lover: Dialect

A game where you and a team create a language, considering context, history, geography and more. A perfect game for anyone who has been curious about how a language evolves, or are looking for an alternative to the typical competition-style game.

For the home cook: In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World

Combining food, family, and culture, take a glimpse into how grandmas around the world have been providing comfort, cultural history, and family legacy for generations, including recipes for those who want to mix food with their world language interest.

For the Sci-Fi Geek: The Klingon Dictionary

For the linguist who has a love of sci-fi or wants a real challenge, why not try to learn a con lang (constructed language)? One of the most popular to learn, and most fleshed-out, is the Klingon language from Star Trek, created by friend of the Museum Mark Okrand (see our interview with him last year here).

For the Interior Decorator or Book Lover: A Book-Themed Scented Candle

It goes without saying that most language enthusiasts are also avid readers, whether it be about language, a good mystery, or any other type of book. Why not think about accentuating that love even more with a scented candle that will brighten your spirits, calm your mind, and put you in your happy place enjoying a book at home? And with these book themed candles (whose names may even teach you a new word!) you will really be getting the complete reading experience.

For the Charitable: A National Museum of Language Membership

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