Introducing Multilingual Digital Storytelling

This project grew out of a request for multilingual storytelling as part of the Gaithersburg, Maryland Book Festival. The idea was for individuals to share their love of language by telling children’s stories in a variety of languages. Since that event has gone virtual, we have begun to collect audio and video stories in many languages to share with you here. We welcome your contributions. Use our Contact form to offer your own storytelling talents.

Choose a language and a story below:

Arabic – The Angry Rabbit
Chinese – Three Stories
Japanese – The Marvelous Furoshiki
Mayan – The Clock Bird
Spanish – Mi Mascota de Ojos Amarillos
Serbian – The Emperor Trojan’s Goat Ears
Yoruba – The Elephant Bully & Agbara and Akanji
Yu’pik – Hail in June