Introducing the Teacher’s Corner!

     Many of us, either teachers or parents of students, know that school is either just around the corner or has already started!

     If you did not know, I myself am a Spanish teacher in Maryland. I started in 2012, and there have been quite a few revolutionary changes in language learning in the past couple years. Gone are the days of grammar and verb charts, and now the focus has become comprehensible input, authentic materials, student-centered learning, and so much more. It can be extremely overwhelming or frustrating!

     Therefore, the NML is going to start a new monthly feature, the Teacher’s Corner! Each month, we will have interviews, tips, techniques, and resources to give you some new ideas. Topics will range from new methodology like comprehensible input, implementing technology, or fun brain break activities that get your students speaking the language!

     Whether you’re a veteran teacher, new to the field, learning a new style of teaching, or anywhere in between, we hope that you will be inspired by these posts, wanting to try some new techniques, and help you reflect on your practices.

     If you are a teacher with an inspiring idea, an interesting perspective on learning, or simply want to share an activity that you’ve had great success with, please contact to be featured on the website!