Museum Spotlight: Mundolingua

As part of the International Network of Language Museums, we’re in great company. The 11 member museums span 10 countries and 3 continents, and we thought you might like to hear about the fascinating work they do. Read on to learn about Mundolingua, a Parisian museum in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

mundolinguaMundolingua opened its doors in 2013, following three years of compiling and curating a unique collection of language resources. The museum’s collection covers two floors, complete with touchscreens and headphones. The ground floor is dedicated to language articulation, phonology, lexicology, and meaning. It also includes an exhibit on language acquisition, touching upon both mother tongues and second languages.

The museum’s basement collection explores language in context: from myths, proverbs, and slang to religion and imperialism. The basement also houses an exhibit on language technology and the science of language.

In addition to these permanent exhibits, Mundolingua hosts monthly soirees on the third Thursday of each month. Events include a presentation and the chance to mingle with linguists, translators, hyperpolyglots, and more.

To learn more about Mundolingua or to purchase tickets for your next visit, check out their website.

Photo Credit: Mundolingua