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Newsletters 1999-2012

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1999 1-1

Invitation to Readers; Museum timeline; George Vergine spotlight; Committee reports; Amelia Murdoch’s vision; Arthur J. Salemme tribute NML_Newsletter1999_1-1

2000 1-2

Young Linguist Program; Annual workshop report; Ann Rossilli and museum exhibits; Mike Levin spotlight; Leslie Grahn spotlight; Committee reports; Helen Carpenter spotlight NML_Newsletter2000_1-2

2000 1-3&4Elizabeth Merritt speech at 2d Annual Meeting; Ann Rossilli on museum exhibits; Whitney Reed spotlight; Committee reports; National Language Policy NML_Newsletter2000_1-3&4

2000 2-1&2

Dora Kennedy spotlight; Museum Web site launched; Linguistic Society of America; George Vergine tribute; Committee reports; Search for a Museum site NML_Newsletter2000_2-1&2

2001 3-1&2

National Cryptologic Museum; Board bios; Annual meeting report; Spring workshop ; Committee reports NML_Newsletter2001_3-1&2

2001 4-1

Place-Name game; Machine translation symposium; Intern program; Leslie Grahn resignation, Committee reports NMLNewsletter2002_4-1

2002 4-2

Father Lee Lubbers speaks on SCOLA at Annual meeting; Nikoleta Dineen spotlight; Volunteer program; New Directors and Associates; Committee reports NMLNewsletter2002_4-2

2003 5-1

NML at Oktoberfest; Joseph E. Page spotlight; Intern program; Committee reports. NMLNewsletter2003_5-1

2003 5-2

Spring workshop on museum organization; Everette Jordan spotlight; Committee reports; Society of Federal Linguists demise; 2002 Annual report NMLNewsletter2003_5-2

2003 5-3

2003 Annual meeting; National Cryptologic Museum; Allen Walker Read Library Collection; National Advisory Council guidelines; Committee guidelines; Committee reports NMLNewsletter2003_5-3

2004 6-1

2003 Holiday reception; Joan Houston Hall spotlight; Reception exhibits; Jacob (Jack) Gurin tribute; NML Intern program NML_Newsletter2004_6-1

2004 6-2

Year of Languages 2005; Traveling exhibit; Doris E. Miller tribute; Office opening to public; 2003 Annual report NML_Newsletter2004_6-2

2004 6-3

2004 Annual meeting; Five-Minute Linguist radio programs; International fall festival; National Language Conference at UMD CASL NML_Newsletter2004_6-3

2004 6-4

International fall festival; 2004 Holiday reception; Reginald Lee Heefner spotlight; Website update; “Talkin’ About Talk” radio program; Rotary International dictionary project NML_Newsletter2004_6-4

2005 7-1&2

Spring 2005 symposium “Language and the Access to Justice”; Talkin’ About Talk radio program; NASILP Conference; 2004 Annual report NML_Newsletter2005_7-1&2

2005 7-4

NML goes National; ACTFL Convention; Web site update; Museum space grows; Holiday reception NML_Newsletter2005_7-4

2006 8-1

2006 Language and Mass Media” symposium; Language lab equipment donation; 2005 Annual report NML_Newsletter2006_8-1

2006 8-2

2006 Annual meeting; SIL International visit; Five-Minute Linguist in print NML_Newsletter2006_8-2

2006 8-3

2006 Holiday reception; Global Career Opportunities and Language Forum; “Talkin’ About Talk” and The Five-Minute Linguist”; International fall festival; NML By-laws NML_Newsletter2006_8-3

2007 9-2

2007 Annual meeting; Greg Nedved to edit Newsletter; Crypto-Linguistic Association meetings; Nicholas Hartley spotlight; 2007 Interagency Language Roundtable showcase NML_Newsletter2007_9-2

2008 10-1

Museum Grand Opening; Frank L. Borchardt tribute; 2007 Holiday reception; 2007 Annual report NML_Newsletter2008_10-1

2008 10-2

2008 Annual meeting; Museum Website changes; Museum library; International Flag of Language contest; Leland E. “Lee” Lubbers tribute; Marian Jenkins Speaker Series; Museum Wiki NML_Newsletter2008_10-2

2009 11-2

11th Annual NML Dinner; New NML Flag; Kietzman Donation; In Memoriam—NML Co-Founder Dora F. Kennedy; In Memoriam—NML Director Herbert H. Fockler. Emerging Amarican Language in 1812 Grant NMLNewsletter200911-1

2010 12-2

English in 1812 exhibit; Linda Thompson spotlight; Antoni Mir Linguamon presentation; Visual Communication presentation NML_Newsletter2010_12-3

2010 12-3

2010 Annual dinner; Eiko Sakaguchi presentation on Prange Collection; Hillary Donnell spotlight; American Sign Language course; New Website; Whitney Reed tribute; 2010 Annual report. NML_Newsletter2010_12-3


Spring 2010

Fall 2010


April 2011

Annual Dinner;, 2011 Speaker Series, NML WIKI, Spanish Dolls, Introducing Ruben Polo-Sherk, National Advisory Council NML_Newsletter13_1

October 2011 NML Road Trips, Grants, New Brochure, Docent News, Fundraiser, NML Visitors and Programs NML_Newsletter13_2


April 2012

Exhibit Swap with Alphabet Museum, New Trustee Jason Teshuba, Mango in the Museum, NML in the Movies (Francis Scott Key project), Martyrs Day event at the Bangladeshi Embassy

Dec 2012

NML Major Gala, New French Exhibit, Library News, Leadership Transition, Intern and Docent News NMLNewsletterDec2012