NML needs people like you who are passionate about language. Contact us to volunteer as a docent, greeter, committee member, or grant writer.

Here are some of the things we need help with from our volunteers:

  • Update and monitor our social media accounts: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Website
  • Inform the public of our activities through regular print and broadcast media (Patch, Post)
  • Serve as a greeter or docent at the Museum
  • Assist with setup and hosting at our speaker events  or with promotion of the events beforehand
  • Around the Language World Summer Camp – promotion tom March – June; participation in July and follow-up activities afterward
  • Inform the public of our activities through regular print and broadcast media (Patch, Post)
  • Participate on a committee for funding, education, programs, or technology

Committees of The National Museum of Language

Administrative Committee – Chair: John-Joseph Smith

  • Communicates with Subcommittees on Operations and Outreach activities

Public Relations SubcommitteeGreg Nedved

  • Interacts with the public to increase awareness of NML
  • Writes articles for press releases (newspapers, magazines, journals)
  • Seeks out public relations opportunities
  • Updates NML brochure
  • Solicit volunteers

Website Subcommittee – Chair: Jill Robbins

  • Update and maintain website
  • Maintain email accounts & mailing lists
  • Send mass emails to announce events

Membership Subcommittee – Chair: Jill Robbins

  • Record memberships
  • Develop materials & strategies to solicit new and renewal memberships

Fundraising Committee

  • Development Committee – Chairs: Jody Olsen & John-Joseph Smith
  • Identify companies, foundations, etc that are potential donors
  • Communicate with key people in organizations that can help NML
  • Conduct regular fundraising activities (Silent Auction, Annual Dinner, etc.)

Grants Writing Subcommittee

  • Identify grant sources
  • Write and submit grant proposals
  • Assign a grant administrator for grants received
  • Report on work conducted under grant


Museum Programs Committee – Chair: Pat Barr-Harrison

○      Develop an implementation plan for programs in the museum

○      Interact with subcommittee to develop strategies and implementation plans

○      Find and train volunteers,  docents and interns

  • Museum Exhibit Subcommittee

○      Discuss future exhibits and form working group to research and implement

○      Collect materials to be included in exhibit

○      Develop plan for displaying exhibit

○      Mount new exhibits (remove old exhibits)

○      Evaluate and catalog accessions (exhibit materials)

○      Maintain exhibits

  • Speaker Series Subcommittee

○      Communicate with Board members and others to identify speakers

○      Solicit speakers and make schedule for presentations

○      Write and distribute announcements

○      Host speaker events (plan with Program Committee chair)

  • Collection Subcommittee

○      Maintain catalog of books for Library

○      Review potential accessions

○      Collect books and other items for NML