The National Museum of Language

The National Museum of Language is a virtual museum.

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Explore our Newest Exhibit

Our new exhibit is Multilingual Digital Storytelling. In cooperation with the Gaithersburg Book Festival, we asked friends of the Museum to contribute stories in a variety of languages. Listen to them here.


Our next speaker will beRusty Shughart, speaking on The American Translators Association. See our speaker page for the December 12 event.

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We are beginning our Fall Membership Campaign. All memberships are for the coming calendar year, but they begin as soon as you join or renew. For details, please see our support page.

About and Contact Us

Learn about the history of the Museum and its governance. Read news articles on the exhibits. You can also contact us through a form here.

Latest Happenings

The National Museum of Language is a small museum that explores the transformative powers of language. A trailblazer in the field -- there are no more than three museums in the world with a similar focus -- the Museum examines the history, the impact, and the art of language.