The Five-Minute Linguist

The Five Minute Linguist

The National Museum of Language collaborated with the College of Charleston and the Linguistic Society of America to bring together experts on language. The 5-Minute Linguist provides a lively, reader-friendly introduction to the subject of language suitable for the general reader and beginning students. The book offers brief essays on more than 60 intriguing questions such as “”What’s the difference between a language and a dialect?”” Can animals understand us?”” “”What causes foreign accents?”” and “”How is language used on social media?”” These are conveniently organized into 12 topical areas that include What is Linguistics, Language and Thought, Language and Society, and Language and Technology, among others Our entry on NML is called “How do you keep language in a museum?”

Talkin’ About Talk: a radio program based on the book, The Five-Minute Linguist

5min copy

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