• International Network of Language Museums Makes its Debut


    July 3 – Milan, Italy

    The International Network of Language Museums has been formally established and a Board of Trustees elected for 2016-2018. Ottar Grepstad of the Ivar Aasen Centre (Norway), Elaine Gold of the Canadian Language Museum, and Mark Oremland of Mundolingua (France) were elected to serve. Dr. Jill Robbins represented the National Museum of Language via Skype and spoke about developing virtual exhibits as a strategic response for language museums.

    Member museums also finalized the organization’s platform and aims:

    The International Network of Language Museums will promote the understanding of the role of language in society, the values of multilingual societies, and the importance of language museums.

    Members made a commitment to direct their focus to the open exchange of ideas and information on issues connected to language matters, international projects, exhibitions, and cultural heritage.

    The next scheduled meeting will take place in Paris, France, in 2018. Until then, we will keep you up-to-date on network news and activities. We are truly excited about the opportunity to participate in this valuable collaboration of language enthusiasts.

    Read the official platform of the International Network of Language Museums here.

    International Network of Language Museums – Current Members

    Academy of the Hebrew Language, Jerusalem, Israel
    Canadian Language Museum, Toronto, Canada
    Dr. Johnson’s House, London, England
    Esperanto Museum, Vienna, Austria
    Ivar Aasen Centre, Ørsta, Norway
    Initiative für ein Museum der Sprachen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
    Institute of the Lithuanian Language, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Mundolingua, Paris, France
    Museum of Vuk and Dositej, Belgrade, Serbia
    National Museum of Language, College Park, MD, USA
    The English Project, Winchester, England
    Photo Credit: janet galore

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