NML Board Nominations

The mission of the National Museum of Language is “To inspire an appreciation for the magic and beauty of language.”

We seek your help in recruiting new members to our Board of Trustees, to help us move forward with new talent and energy. You can nominate yourself or someone else who has agreed to be nominated.

We are undertaking ambitious new strategies:

  1. We are building a “virtual museum”, deploying the latest in audio-visual technologies to inspire that understanding and appreciation of the wonder of language for an ever-wider public.
  2. We moved exhibits from our former College Park facility and expanded our outreach by creating new exhibits at local and other venues (such as schools, libraries, museums, and other public or private “high traffic” sites).
  3. We are seeking collaboration with other organizations in the greater DC area and nationally for joint speaking events and other presentations, joining our successful “Amelia Murdoch Speaker Series” with similar initiatives of other like-purposed entities.
  4. We are building on the popularity or our Children’s Summer World Languages Camp with promotions throughout the school year.

Help us find people who might share our enthusiasm and supplement our existing talent base. We are especially interested in recruiting individuals with technological and fund-raising expertise, but all who have the desire and energy to become involved in guiding the growth of the Museum are welcome. We prefer the nominee to be located in the United States.

Please contact the Board of Trustees through our contact form or phone (301) 864-7071 to express your interest or give your suggestions.